Taking This One Extra Step After Job Interview Can Pay Off: Hardly Anyone Does It

Discover the key to securing your dream job with our expert advice on taking that one extra step after job interview. The job interview is often seen as the final step in the hiring process. Candidates spend hours preparing answers, researching the company, and perfecting their resumes and cover letters.

But what if there was one extra step you could take that could significantly increase your chances of landing the job? Hardly anyone does it, but those who do have seen tremendous results. In this article, we will explore the power of taking that one extra step after a job interview and why it can pay off in ways you never imagined.

Taking This One Extra Step After Job Interview Can Pay Off: Hardly Anyone Does It

According to job search site Indeed, in-person job interviews typically last between 45 and 90 minutes. During this time, you can expect questions about your work history and information about the role you’re interviewing for. After the interview, it’s customary to send a thank you email to everyone who interviewed you within 24 to 48 hours. However, if you want to make an even stronger impression, consider sending a physical thank you note as well.

“Hardly anyone does that ever,” says Vicki Salemi, a career expert at Monster. But taking this extra step can actually pay off. Here’s why.

One extra step after job interview adds a special touch to job interview

Your thank you note doesn’t have to be fancy. “You can find thank you cards that simply say ‘thank you,'” suggests Salemi.

To obtain a physical mailing address, ask for a business card or check if there’s an address in the interviewer’s email signature. You can also look for an address on the company website but remember to include the department name on the envelope.

When it comes to what to write, keep it simple and include variations of the following:

  • “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet you”
  • “I’m really excited about this role”
  • Mention something specific that you discussed during the interview

Always proofread your writing before sealing the envelope to ensure there are no grammar or spelling mistakes.

Salemi advises writing the note right after the interview, once you’ve left the building — perhaps at a nearby coffee shop — and then mailing it as soon as you’re finished.

“It adds a nice touch because a few days later, the interviewers are busy with their regular work and they receive this on their desk,” says Salemi. When it’s time to decide who’s the right fit for the role, you’ll be at the forefront of their minds.

Extra step after job interview shows you ‘really put in the effort’

Sending a handwritten thank you note shows that you put in the effort. While many candidates remember to send a thank you email, very few will go the extra mile and send a physical note.

“A handwritten thank you note can help you stand out in the job interview process,” says Angelina Darrisaw, a former manager at Viacom and CEO of C-Suite Coach. “It signals that you are willing to go above and beyond, which can be very attractive to potential employers.”

When interviewers see your handwriting, it gives the impression that you truly put in the effort. This can leave a lasting impact on their memory. Not only will they remember that you went the extra mile to show gratitude and excitement about the role, but they’ll also have a physical reminder of it right in front of them.

Salemi recalls the impact these notes had when she was a recruiter herself. “As we were deciding who would receive the job offer, I had that thank you note on my desk for at least a week,” she says. “And I always thought of that person.”

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Taking one extra step after a job interview can significantly increase your chances of success in the hiring process. It is surprising how few candidates actually take this step, giving you a unique opportunity to stand out from the competition.

By sending a personalized thank-you note or email to the interviewer, you can express your gratitude for the opportunity, reiterate your interest in the position, and showcase your professionalism. This small gesture can leave a lasting impression and make a positive impact on the hiring decision. Take that extra step after your next job interview and set yourself apart from other candidates.

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